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Safety and hi- efficiency are provided by Wattech diligently, we are specialist for design and production of transformers, chokes, inductors, coils, filters and inductive components. Our products are applied widely in industrial electronics, telecommunication and information technology, industrial automation, solar and pneumatic energy, train and auto electronics, medical electronics, consumer electronics, meters and instruments, renewable energy technology, etc. We insist on cooperation and development based on high quality and morality. We prefer smart design and lean 6-sigma production with safety, reliability, hi-efficiency and environmental protection. We make continuous improvement for more flexible, more reliable, more trustable, more valuable of better and faster products and service with partners together. We would like to learn from partners and competitors for meeting customers’ requirement and expectation with new technology, new materials, standards and machines. We would like to use internet and industry-4.0 with partners together for better design, better production and better future!
Wattech has advanced R&D and manufacture technology including CNC-program machines, design software, automatic testing systems, special meters for Partial-discharge tests, RoHS, DC-bias, power loss and surge tests, etc. We are ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016 and ISO14001:2015 certificated company. Our products are tested and inspected 100% before leaving out of our factory. All our products are according to international IEC/UL/EN/CSA/VDE standards, they are made with materials in UL-E335368 insulation system (B/F/H Class). Our customers mainly come from Finland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden, France, Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Japan and China. We respect ILO about international ethics issues and labor laws, care for studying, education and training, and provide opportunities to improve all employees for growing up continuously. We make ERP and 5S management and keep studying, saving and safety rules always everywhere in Wattech. We lie in Wuxi city, near to Taihu lake, and only 45-minutes distance from Shanghai by hi-speed train, you are welcome to visit us and/or contact us for business and cooperation via mail with our many thanks!